Finding The 5 Best Water Purifier Under 10000

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These are the 5 Best water purifier under 10000 in India

  1. V-Guard Zenora
  2. Livpure Glo Star
  3. Pureit Marvella
  4. Kent Elegant
  5. Livpure Glitz DX

Let us now take a deeper look at these water purifiers:

1. V-Guard Zenora

V Guard Zenora is easily one of India’s best water purifiers under 10000 rupees.

I would usually not associate V guard with water purifiers, but I was pleasantly surprised when one of my friends bought the V Guard Zenora water purifier.

Senora is a highly rated water purifier with many technologies you can usually expect in a much more expensive water purifier.

V Guard has another model Rejive, that you can also look at, although it is a bit more expensive than the Senora.

V guard water purifiers score big on service and low maintenance.

You can look at V Guard Zenora on Amazon here: V Guard Zenora on Amazon and compare it to other similar models in the same price range.

2. Livpure Glo Star

Livpure water purifiers are one of my favorite water purifier brands.

There are many things I like about Livpure. It is an Indian brand that offers excellent value for money water purifiers.

The Livpure Glo Star is one of the best water purifiers under 1000 rupees.

This water purifier offers RO+UV+UF and a mineralizer technology that is excellent value for money.

The best part about this water purifier is that Livpure has an excellent service network.

You can buy this water purifier if your budget is around 10000 rupees.

Check price on Amazon

3. Pureit Marvella

HUL Pureit has some excellent water purifiers under its brand.

Pureit water purifiers have an excellent reputation in the water purifier industry because of their long list of models and experience in the industry.

The model listed above is the Marvella G2 UV water purifier.

Please note that this is not a RO water purifier. It is only a UV water purifier.

A UV water purifier is suitable for users whose water supply has a TDS level of less than 200ppm.

Kindly do not buy this water purifier if you live in a city that has a muddy water supply because UV can only kill microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

A UV system cannot remove dissolved salts (ions), particles, colloids, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens from the feed water. For this, you will need a RO water purifier. To know more about a UV water purifier, you can read this detailed blog here.

Suppose your water supply is relatively clean, and you are only looking for a UV water purifier that kills viruses and bacteria. In that case, you can go for the Pureit Marvella because it is easily one of the best UV water purifiers under 1000 rupees in India.

You can buy this water purifier here: HUL Pureit Marvella

4. Kent Elegant

Kent is easily the most popular water purifier brand in India.

Kent has a lot of models across various price points, and you can find one easily according to your budget.

Kent Elegant listed above is a RO + UF + UV + TDS control water purifier. It has 8-liter storage, which is pretty good for a big family.

The elegant model listed above compares very well against all the other models in this price list. The good part about the Kent water purifiers is that Kent offers 1-year warranty + 3 years extended service free on most of its models.

You can check the price of Kent Elegant water purifier here: Kent Elegant 

5. Glitz DX

Livpure Glitz DX is a perfect water purifier for municipal water supply. As I mentioned above, UV water purifiers are ideal for water supplies where ppm levels are about 200 or 250 ppm.

This water purifier has 7-liter storage, which is significant for a water purifier in this range.

It is a highly rated water purifier and is also amazon’s choice product.

If your water supply has low ppm levels, you can quickly go for this UV water purifier.

Here are more details about the Livpure Glitz DX: LIvpure Glitz DX.

Compare The Best Water Purifiers under 10000 here

V-Guard ZenoraLivpure Glo StarPureit MarvellaKent ElegantLivpure Glitz DX
Capacity (Litre)77487
TDS Capacity (ppm)200015002002000200
Warranty (year)1111 + 31
Estimated AMCLowMediumLow3 years freeLow
Amazon’s ChoiceXXXX
Buy on AmazonCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Comparing the Best Water Purifier under 10000

Best RO water purifier under 10000

The best RO water purifier under 10000, in my opinion, is the V Guard Zenora because it is a good value for money buy with all the features that are required for an average household.

Best Water Purifier under 10000 in India FAQ

Which is the best water purifier under 10000?

V Guard Zenora is the best water purifier under 10000

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